Financial Support

“The financial support for travel to our numerous appointments was a blessing once the expenses of all the surgeries started pouring in. Every encounter we had with ACCA, Angela Woodward, Director, and Melanie, Administrative Assistant was warm, welcoming and supportive. We always heard the comforting words “We will be praying for you.” – Roger, Cancer Survivor

Financial Assistance

ACCA is here to help ease your cancer-related financial burden with reimbursements for eligible medical expenses.

What We Cover:

Prescription & over-the-counter medications deductibles/copays Medical supplies like mouthwash, bandages, creams Durable medical equipment such as mastectomy products, wigs, walkers Nutritional supplements, including vitamins, meal replacement drinks Travel stipends to/from cancer treatment appointments We keep Boost and Boost Breeze on hand for clients needing extra nourishment support.

Reimbursement Process:

Submit itemized receipts for expenses not covered by insurance Claims typically processed within two weeks of receipt Additional items may qualify with the Director’s approval Not sure if an expense is eligible? Give us a call to discuss your specific needs. Our staff is here to help you access all available financial relief during your healthcare journey.

We aim to remove financial barriers so you can focus fully on your health and recovery. Contact us today to learn more.

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How it works


We mail you a reimbursement 

Our funding

The Ashland County Cancer Association is a stand-alone organization honored to serve Ashland County cancer patients and their families.

We are funded by:

  • ACCA Led Fundraisers
  • Community-initiated Fundraisers/Events
  • Endowments and Bequest
  • Memorial Donations
  • Generous Donations from individuals  
  • Ashland County Community Fund
  • Mohican Area Community Fund 
  • Samaritan Hospital Foundation 

Our organization DOES NOT receive any funding from national organizations such as the American Cancer Society. Your donation provides direct financial assistance to Ashland County cancer patients.

Can you help?

  • Consider a monetary donation
  • Become a volunteer. 
  • Host a fundraiser or event. 
  • Provide “Wish List” items. 
  • Become a companion or a mentor to a patient, family, or caregiver.
  • Provide a meal. 
  • Pray for patients and their caregivers. 
  • Volunteer to drive a patient to an appointment. 

Thank you for your continued comfort, support, and love during this difficult time.

a family member of a Client