How can we help


We provide over 100,000 financial support to Ashland County’s cancer patients regardless of income. We aim to relieve the financial burden cancer can place on people’s shoulders. Check out our Financial page for more information. 



Cancer treatment can have a significant impact on one’s nutritional intake. To maintain a healthy balance of necessary nutrients, ACCA provides Boost nutritional drinks at no cost, reimburses for other supplemental drinks, and provides nutritional literature for various cancers.  



We provide Ashland County cancer patients, their families, and community members with various educational materials and resources. All of our resources are available at our office for your convenience. 


Spiritually + Emotionally

We are a faith-based organization that seeks to comfort those needing spiritual encouragement and emotional support.  A listening ear is always available at ACCA. We are here to help you through the impact of cancer on you and your loved ones.  



We provide transportation to and from cancer-related appointments based on a first-come, first-served basis and driver availability. Our 2019 Ford Transit Van is capable of transporting wheelchairs as well.


We offer free mammograms for women who do not have insurance. Our goal is to help any eligible woman who needs a mammogram get one free of cost. We are here to walk you through the process. 


Other Services

  • Oncology Yoga4Cancer Program! We partner with yoga instructors trained to assist in the healing process due to the impact of cancer. 
  • In-office, we carry an assortment of wigs, head coverings, and a limited amount of durable medical items.